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Speaking and Listening English and English Language. Respond to texts critically and imaginatively, select and evaluate textual detail to illustrate and support interpretations. Explain how language, structure and form contribute to the writers' presentation of ideas, themes and settings. Make comparison and explain links between texts, evaluating writers' different ways of expressing meaning and achieving effects.

Relate texts to their social, historical and cultural context; explain how texts have been influential and significant to self and other readers in different contexts and at different times. General Enquiries Departmental Contacts. Mock Exams Exam Documents.

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During KS3, students take part in a wide variety of engaging activities, developing their skills in Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. They explore, analyse and create a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, including poetry, prose and media texts and they also participate in Speaking and Listening activities, such as role-play, group discussions and presentations. Reading Pupils are taught to develop an appreciation and love of reading, and read increasingly challenging material independently through: Pupils are taught to read critically through: It was a sunny, cold wind kind of a week, the kind that is great for stacks of washing and tidying up.

Not easy with three dogs in full moult to keep everything even basically clean. At least the fire is over and done with this side of the summer.

Similar authors to follow

Kind of a hectic week but a week when I seemed to get a lot done, for once. Happy in the haze. Well, my wishes were granted — lots and lots of blue skies and warm weather.

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  7. I just love this time of year. Sure, we had a couple of overcast days, but the balance was definitely in favour of the blue. Bit of The Cars for you this Monday morning.

    Poems about family conflict from English Literary Heritage for new AQA Spec? | TES Community

    I spent all yesterday listening to David Lee Roth but his lycra and crazy eyes are a bit much even for me on a Monday morning. Talk about full frontal assault. Feels like everything is speeding up as we edge into summer — those warm mornings are just fantastic. Because all the while. Despite a bit of rain, it was good to share the day with some really lovely people and spend the day talking about Hestons and their shouty ways. How Much Should We Give?

    She is such a smart dog. Hard-faced when you first know her, then all soft eyes and belly rubs. It torments me that she does. Thinking of them all. Bit of Pharrell for you this morning. Off out to lunch today with my favourite ladies and very much in need of some human time. I had a fab trip to Poitiers with Ruth as well on Friday, which took me more into the land of the living. When you spend all your time with antisocial dogs. Nice to get out on Friday and Saturday and enjoy the fresh air for once. Still, being in the garden without a certain Wobbly Bob is very tough.

    The sparkle in your eyes. Another Monday and another song that reminds me very much of a friend from school. A shitty Monday and hard to choose a song that makes me smile. Music, like scent, is one of those things that transports me right back t. So far, some of the topics have focused on divergent thinking and creativity. The seal of the United States of America states: The first stage in many things is in gathering information — whether it is in management consultancy, writing a book, writing a blog, designing a living room space, even art, design or photography.

    From this, inspiration can. Nouns are simple enough to learn — there are lots of strategies like flashcards and sticking sticky-notes on everything. Verbs are integral to conversation — most sentences comprise an object a pronoun or noun and then a verb. If the nouns are easy to learn, that makes the verbs the tough part. Schools used to work on oral repetition and aural encoding. This means that we spent ages at school.

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    I can still remember my Latin drills o. These differ from diaries in that they only include banks of stimuli and my responses to them. Journals are great for gathering and reflecting, a combination of scrap book and rumination. Journals help you record and remember. If you are in a situation where you are taking in a lot of information, a journal can really help you. Think about how effective photograph albums are at jogging memories and stimulating ideas. A photograph of the paint on a d.

    Power and Conflict: Poetry Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE AQA

    Here are 50 more great ways to stimulate some ideas. Make sure you cover all your divergent bases! Sleep on it — allow your brain to cogitate a little 3. Keep a notebook by your bed for those last minute ideas that you need to put aside until morning if you want to get any sleep at all.

    AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2 Section B: Anthology Poetry

    Keep your notepad on you at all times, so you can j. In general, people think in particular ways. The ways we find easiest become superhighways. As a result, we think in certain patterns and adopt certain strategies when devising ideas or responding to ideas. Like children who keep using a favoured hand, who become entrenched in being right- or left-handed, our thinking patterns can be a little rigid.

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    Edward de Bono, a proponent of lateral thinking and parallel thinking. Divergent thinking is the process of generating lots of creative ideas. Being a divergent thinker is a real bonus if you are in a creative industry, or you have creative hobbies. People who are naturally creative are quite divergent thinkers. How do people adapt ideas to personalise or improve them?

    AQA GCSE in English Literature

    Surely, some of it is creativity and practicality as much as it is engineering. Few ideas come out of nowhere: These little cards work in so many ways to help you remember bits of information. You can put words on them, names, equations or chemical symbols on them: Write something on a card.

    It can be a single word, a symbol or a small phrase you need to remember. I used to do this with quotes I had to.