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  1. Surviving Strangers: Now Who's the Div? by Janet S. Rogers,Chris Tomkins,Lee Cleary
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At the time the young Mormon also was a virgin.

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But her trauma went deeper. The good-looking man who offered a ride in his Volkswagen Beetle and gave his name as Ted had announced he meant to kill her. Over and over in an isolated canyon picnic spot outside of Salt Lake City, he choked Stapley in and out of consciousness until, somehow, she was able to escape. Still, she told no one.

Surviving Strangers: Now Who's the Div? by Janet S. Rogers,Chris Tomkins,Lee Cleary

Then, as headlines reported other Utah women who went missing, she panicked: Could it be her attacker? Graham took his first breath with his new lungs, a gift from the motorcyclist he never met.

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He inhaled deeply on his own without any trouble. He took his boat out one day, dropped some friends on Masonboro Island and steered out into the ocean to watch a regatta off Wrightsville Beach. It was hot that day, and he jumped off the back of his Boston whaler for a swim — impossible one year earlier.

The Mountain Between Us () - IMDb

But while he rolled over the waves, his boat drifted further off behind him, and when he turned to look, the wind had caught its canvas top and carried it yards away. Too far to swim without exhausting himself, he decided to tread water and wait for a rescue. He waited an hour and a half. I wasted a perfectly good lung. But while he cursed himself, a windsurfer sailed past and tossed him a line, bringing him to shore.

Luck is certainly involved. In , he beat colon cancer, diagnosed early enough to require only surgery. To this day, he has to take a lot of medication to stave off rejection.

It hurts Graham to know that somebody had to die for him to live. But he shows his gratitude daily just by living good and hard.


In North Carolina, fill out the registry at donatelifenc. Longtime lung transplant survivor "So eternally grateful," to donor Video: Howell Graham, one of the longest living survivors of a double lung transplant that he received over 25 years ago, tells of his journey and the gratitude he has for the gift that was given to him.

By Josh Shaffer jshaffer newsobserver. How to become an organ donor.

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Many just wander among the tributes crying, trying to make sense of what has happened. By Sarah Gray February 17, Heather Martin is a survivor of the Columbine High School shooting. She's now a high school teacher.

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