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The Transforming Draught by Thomas L. Hyde is viewed as the classic allegory of man's duality-the good and evil embodied in every person. But could Jekyll's "transforming draught" have been alcohol? In the Victorian era, alcohol was the topic of national debate for decades and people endlessly deliberated its proper place in society. Shadowed all his life by the cloud of alcoholism, Stevenson well knew the good and evil of strong drink. This book investigates Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr.

CMP102 - Composition 2 - Buscemi: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Hyde as an allegory of alcoholism-an interpretation that cultural change and the story's renown have perhaps obscured. The author examines patterns of language, plot, characterization and imagery to reveal how mind-altering drink figures as the story's subtext. Early chapters establish the story's literal references to strong drink and its metaphors regarding alcohol. The focus then shifts to drinking in Stevenson's life, the sociology of drink in Victorian Britain, and the portrayal of alcohol in literature, including Stevenson's other works.

Possible real-life models for the Jekyll-Hyde character are explored. Subsequent chapters examine the history of Britain's temperance movement, scenes that arose from Stevenson's dreams, how the temperance movement and industrial development may have influenced the story, and the story's interpretation in Stevenson's time. An appendix further investigates the elements of Stevenson's language. The most forceful philosophical objections to belief in God arise from the existence of evil.

Bad things happen in the world and it is not clear how this is compatible with the existence of an all-powerful and perfectly loving being. Unsurprisingly then, philosophers have formulated powerful arguments for atheism based on the existence of apparently unjustified suffering.

These arguments give expression to what we call the problem of evil. This volume is an engaging introduction to the philosophical problem of evil. Daniel Speak provides a clear overview of the main lines of reasoning in this debate and argues for the defensibility of theistic belief in the face of evil. He fleshes out the distinction between theodicy and defense and guides the reader through the logical, evidential, and hiddenness versions of the problem.

In an accessible and beautifully written account, Speak describes the central issues surrounding the problem of evil in a way that clarifies both the complex reasoning and specialised terminology of the topic. The Problem of Evil is an ideal introduction to contemporary debates over one of the most gripping perennial questions. Read either on its own or alongside the primary materials it deftly covers, students and scholars will find this volume a terrific resource for understanding the challenges to religious belief raised by evil.

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As the scientist John Tyndall pointed out, not only were science and literature both striving to better 'man's estate', they shared a common languageand cultural heritage. The same subjects occupied the writing of scientists and novelists: This anthology brings together a generous selection of scientific and literary materialto explore the exchanges and interactions between them.

Fed by a common imagination, scientists and creative writers alike used stories, imagery, style, and structure to convey their meaning, and to produce work of enduring power. Finding Articles You can search thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers for articles on your topic using the Library's databases. Ebook Central Your source for thousands of online books. Ebook Central also has many features to help with your research: Log-in and save books, take notes, look up definitions, get explanations of terms, search the Web, all from within Ebook Central.

Making English Morals by M. Men of Blood by Martin J. Uncertain Victory by James T. The Victorian Frame of Mind: Portrait of an Age by G. Nature and the Victorian Imagination by U. Knoepflmacher Editor ; G. Tennyson Editor Call Number: The Nineteenth Century by L. Pearce Williams Call Number: British Victorian Life Publication Date: Disraeli and Victorian Imperialism Publication Date: Late Victorian London, - Publication Date: Gillian Beer's landmark book demonstrates how Darwin overturned fundamental cultural assumptions in his narratives, how George Eliot, Thomas Hardy and other writers pursued and resisted their contradictory implications, and how the stories he produced about natural selection and the struggle for life now underpin our culture.

This second edition of Darwin's Plots incorporates a new preface by the author and a foreword by the distinguished American scholar George Levine. Mad, Bad and Dangerous? Mad, Bad and Dangerous explores the portrayal of the scientist in the movies from the crazy and scheming weirdo to the hero. In different periods the scientist has been used to evoke the fears and phobias of the time, including the s movies of atomic scientists creating radioactive zombies, and the s preoccupation with scientists as "baddies.

In the aftermath of the Port Arthur shootings, Dunblane or the schoolyard killings in America, communities try to come to terms with private and public trauma and there is a need to understand what kind of person can commit such terrible acts. The problem of how to understand dangerousness often centres on the role of the mental health and criminal justice systems and it is from the intersection of these two institutions that the categorisation of dangerous persons has emerged.

This book traces the history of the category of antisocial personality disorder and shows how it is linked to particular kinds of governing. It examines key legal and institutional developments in Australia, the UK and the US and also parallel developments within psychiatry and psychological medicine. Applying a social theoretical analysis to this material, McCallum challenges our assumptions about the formation and control concepts of dangerousness and personality.

Baum Editor ; Douglas J. Futuyma Editor ; Hopi E.

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    Michael Hillier (Author of The Eighth Child)

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    The Old Merchant Marine. The Adventures of Peter Wilkins. Epitome of the History of Medicine. It follows the development of several characters as they compete and combine to try and emerge on the top of the heap. Most books are also available to purchase on iTunes. The Property People — volume two of the Riversmeet trilogy charting the development of the characters on the international stage.

    Proposed volume three does not yet have a title. Available in paperback for 7. There are a number of other projects planned and in development.