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  1. Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind
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Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind

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2017 Smart Choice Rankings

Enter your email address. But the bottom line in reading is always comprehension. For this reason, our favorite work here at Super Scholar on the subject of reading is not one that stresses speed but rather one that stresses comprehension: Slow and steady will allow you to read an enormous amount of material. Just cutting out an hour of television a day and devoting it instead to sustained reading can turn you into a scholar. Writing is an essential part of scholarship.

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Some great scholars have been terrible writers—the strength of their ideas carried them to the top even though their writing style was abysmal. But these are the exceptions. Clarity and precision of expression can only help you as a scholar. To this Super Scholar would add two very practical books on writing: Finally, every writer, professional or not, would profit enormously from having a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style.

The latter is an incomparable reference work on all aspects of going from thought to word to printed page. Scholars are not just in the business of thinking up great ideas. They also have to sell them. Besides dealing with the basics of rhetoric, it is filled with very helpful advice for the budding writer. Although the book draws many of its examples from philosophy and religion, the lessons on argumentation that it lays out are universal in scope.

  • The Lighthouse Stevensons (Stranger Than…).
  • The Circle of Submission (His Empress of Submission Part 2);
  • Family Storms.
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  • Market and Society: Two Theoretical Frameworks?
  • Also useful here would be a good book on critical thinking of the sort taught in a first or second year college philosophy course. Developing an Effective Worldview is quite good but overpriced. Among the worst fears that people have is public speaking. Yet as a scholar, you will be called on to discuss your ideas. Public speaking is therefore part of the scholarly life. Here are some books we at Super Scholar have found valuable in this regard.

    If you want actual practice in public speaking, Toastmasters International operates thousands of clubs to give members experience in the art of listening and speaking. Plenty of books and courses exist on speaking and on organizing presentations. Proven Methods of PR Professional.

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    Though aimed more at a business setting, it is still useful in general. Get to the Point: Gilman and Karen E. Berg contains useful advice about the relative merits of going with and without PowerPoint projected images can distract the audience from the speaker.

    The Books Every Good Designer Must Have Read, With AJ & Smart

    Many scholars end up becoming full-time teachers. Scholars need facility with numbers. Some scholars such as mathematicians, physicists, and engineers tend to score high on the math portions of standardized tests and have fewer problems dealing with numbers. Other scholars, often on the humanities side, prefer to have as little to do with numbers as possible. But numbers are a part of life, so we better learn to live with them. Numbers are often abused. Consequently, they are easily abused. The Numbers That Rule our Lives are very useful in keeping numbers from being used to deceive us [links].

    If, for instance, you compute a probability of 5. She also includes journal exercises to help you write out, and eventually solve, big issues you might be facing. This gritty collection of essays on the current something generation is critical in the funniest of ways. I couldn't put it down," raves Weiss.

    You move out and then, bam! All of a sudden, nutritious, tasty food stops magically appearing in your fridge or on your plate. This is a bummer, but the solution is obvious if not exactly dead simple--learn to cook. I totally sympathize with this one. I finally learned to cook after college because I just couldn't stand one more meal of instant rice and beans or spaghetti.

    What you need isn't a fancy cookbook, but a simple straightforward guide to the basics. If you're at the subsisting-entirely-on-ramen level of cooking amateurism, then Krueger further recommends Help! For slightly more advanced advice that won't skyrocket your grocery bill, she suggests The Working Class Foodies Cookbook by Rebecca Lando.

    7 Skills To Become Super Smart | Super Scholar

    Even if you have a less-than-impressive salary at this stage of life, it's preventable. And you don't have to grit your teeth through tedious personal finance tomes to improve the situation. Siegel "turns money talk into an understandable and easy topic," she writes. A lot of things you can get away with in your 20s like subsisting on lots of beer, little sleep, and no exercise , will quickly make you fat, miserable, and sick just a few years later. Avoiding this fate involves breaking the bad habits of your youth.