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Daniels, assistant editor Sharon Sanders, assistant editor. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE complies with all applicable federal and state legislation and does not in any way discriminate in educational programs or in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, or disability. Features Our Common Ground. Grounded in the Liberal Arts. Common Books, Uncommon Bond. Unlocking the Mystery of Gravitational Waves.

Bringing Entrepreneurial Mindset to Engineering. Protest march of workers from Shorts aircraft manufacturers and Harland Ltd. Ronnie Jones Wins Metres'. Swimming race at Blackrock Baths, Co. Dublin, won by Ronnie Jones. Industrial Parade In Dublin'; 2. Item two is really three items in one, all relevant to St. Balmoral Show Dublin Zoo: The Royal Ulster Agricultural Society's Balmoral Showgrounds in Belfast, with cattle dealers, judges, spectators, cattle being paraded and winner exhibiting prize cow.

Children and nurses entertained by chimps and Irish comedian, Jack Cruise 45'. Rally cars speeding through Dublin's Phoenix Park, watched by crowds; drivers putting proceeds into bottle marked 'St. The first item in this edition of the newsreel marks an aspect of Northern Ireland agriculture and rural life - the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society and its Balmoral Showground in Belfast. An aspect of Amharc Eireann newsreels is their treatment and coverage of Northern Ireland.

The attitude of Amharc Eireann is simply to treat Northern Ireland as part of the island of Ireland and its life as part of the life of Ireland.

The Unemployed's Guide to Finding Your Next TV Production Job

Politics is eschewed and there is no strident anti-partitionism. The celebrations of the 12th of July are regarded more as a cultural expression than anything else. For an example of an explicitly political, anti-partitionist and anti-unionist portrayal of life in Northern Ireland see, for example, the short documentary Housing Discrimination made by the Irish Government's Department of External Affairs , also entered on this database.

Nkrumah In Dublin Belfield Athletics: Nkrumah in Dublin'; 2. Hurdles sprint, pole vaulting high jump, discuss throwing, at University College Dublin, with olympic gold medalist, Ronnie Delaney spectating 1min 27' ; 3. Kildare, owned by Brian Donnelly. Win In Northwest '''. Motorcycle race and spectators at Portstewart. Award ceremony for sports personalities; 2. Patrick's Day dog show at Royal Dublin Society; 3. Barmen Visit Belfast Brewery'. Film includes several sequences of Ulster landscape, Belfast city, shipyards and people at work on farms and in factories.

Boat enters Belfast Lough. Shot taken from boat of Belfast shipyards and cranes. Shot of pedestrian bridge over river Lagan. Shots of various locations in Belfast city, a local beach, motorbike racing, and tennis playing. Sequence on Belfast market showing market activities. Sequence on surrounding Antrim countryside. Shot of Mourne Mountains and cliffs, and countryside in Co. Shot of mined granite being loaded onto boats in small un - named harbour town. Sequence on fishing begins with shot of tugboat approaching fishing ge.

Shot of boat with catch of herring being unloaded. Sequence on women skinning and gutting herring. Shot of woman reaping hay, and of men making bales of hay. Shot of child playing with goat. Sequence on Ulster's war effort begins with shot of Bugler. Shot of shipyard workers assembling ships and welding parts, and of ships' propellor being assembled. Sequence on various workshops making war necessities. Shot of workers assembling shells for anti-aircraft guns. Shot of sewing machinists using a "Jones"machine to sew army uniforms.

Uniforms shown being steam-pressed and packed. Women shown knitting nets for use by minesweepers. Sequence of cigarette making, showing women factory workers assembling cigarettes. Sequence on linen production in Ulster. Shot of flax being harvested and a weaving machine in operation. Sequence on farm produce: Sequence on Ulster contribution to the war effort.

Shot of piper leading a Royal Ulster Regiment, and of marine defence forces and navy- controlled boats. Shot of navy gunners. Sequence on air-force men, with shot of soldier fixing propellor, and of air gunners. Contribution by Voluntary Organisations is mentioned. Finally, film ends with shot of Northern Ireland Parliament. Shot of soldiers in silhouette. Shot of the Crest of Ulster.

Premeire at Royal Hippodrome, Belfast. Kine Weekly, 23 January Footage shows men and women working on farms and in the laboratories of agricultural colleges, including: Shotlist Camera pans slowly left across a view of the countryside. Shot of a girl feeding chickens; a man raking hay, with bales of hay standing nearby in a field; men baling hay and tying it into bundles; a man sharpens a scythe; three men raking a large hay stack; and a shot of men digging up a field with shovels: Sequence at a laboratory at Queen's University, Belfast: A process to isolate and measure potage in soil is shown.

Exterior shot of a laboratory building at Queen's University; the interior of this building, where three men are sieving soil used for potato growing in order to eliminate elements of the soil which could be dangerous to the potato crop. Sequence in the countryside: Three men drive a tractor with large bales of hay on it; a farmer follows a horse drawn cart in a field. A laboratory analyses stalks of grass. A field with women on carts and chickens; shots of chicken feeding; a woman holding the bridle of a horse.

Cattle come slowly down a road; interior of a dairy farm; several women wash down the cows; one woman milks a cow; a man attaches an apparatus to a cow, which is used to hold it steady. The interior of a laboratory where men are preparing a vaccine for cows; a vet prepares the vaccine for use; with two other men, he checks a cow for TB. VO explains that the farm where these pigs are raised is in Hillsborough, Co. Several young men study a cow, looking at her teeth, etc. Down Production credits c: The Irish Rhythms, conductor: Film can lenghts ft. Film can total lenghts ft.

Commemorative events relating to Rebellion. The film charts the difficulties experienced by the multi-denominational Belfast committee in organising events in Belfast and records parade that was held at Cave Hill. Film shows the banning and later the lifting of a ban on a march at Ulster Hall. Shotlist opening shot of committee meeting: Panning three members as they listen, panning other side of table,shot includes the one woman present. Shot of bill publicising anniversary celebrations.

Shot of bill publicising a public meeting. Shot looking down at castle. Shot of front page of the whip: Gathering on historic hill. The gathering at Mc Arts' Fort. Shot of two other newspapers: Eerie dusk scene at Mc Arts' fort: Shot of Care hill with Gothic style house at his foot. Closer shot of flag barer, man with ceremonial sword ,men with pikes crowd circled around speaker. Shot of Cathal Mc Criostail addressing the assembled.

Shot of Victor Hannay: Shot of Sean Mc Ardal: Rocks at Summit silhouetted against the evening sky Flags and Figures silhouetted; people moving about; closer shot of flag, people in the dusk,the flags flapping dramatically. Shot of Belfast City Hall, facade and Dome. Shot of unidentified newspaper story: Shot of committee meeting to discuss the situation and organize a legal challenge. Profile of Sean Mc Ardal, woman member in Background.

Jack Mc Googan speaking emphatically. Shot of Victor Hannay. Shot of Belfast Telegraph. Inside the Ulster hall, girls of the MD Coy 's school of dancing doing a reel, audience applauding, shot of the orchestra, Denis cox, Irish baritone is introduced. Shot of audience members behind the singer applauding, another section of the audience applauds, shot of men and women dancing trading partners.

Hannay holds a wreath. Hannay placing wreath on the grave of Henry Joy Mc Cracken. Wider shot, Hannay and others stand back from the grave. Shot of Mrs Robinson, a direct decendent '' of Jemmy Hope Pan down gravestone of James Hope Templepatrick Cemetery, two women looking at flowers on a grave, people leaving the vicinity. Shot of Geoff Kennedy, a Presbyterian member of the committee, and others walking next to cathal Mccriostail and carrying wreaths to the grave of William.

Kennedy lays the wreath on the grave. They all stand back in thought,one man removes his hat. Shot of the flowers by the gravestestone. From all over Ireland people came to pay tribute. Shot f ranks of men on the Falls Rd parading with a banner between two rows of spectators. Shot of with pikes , another banner, young women in school uniforms.

Pipe coming towards and going past camera, spectators, brass band, banners, other marchers. People march with banners identifying their native counties. Victor Hannay speaking into microphone on podium. Panning crowd listening to speeches. Low camera angled up to some of these gathered and ceremonial play possibly the tricolour. As yet no info on revious or contemporaryresponses. Date attributionby the commemorative year. Belfast Commemorative Committee Rights refer to donor: Ph Fax A film aimed at enticing tourists to the coasts and hills, valleys and rivers, towns and cities that the province has to offer.

Amongst places shown are Ballycastle Fair, the Mountains of Mourne, some Georgian mansions and the burial place of St. Reference Kine Weekly, 24 September He is shown in a jaunting car in a rural landscape when he begins his narration, which includes the usual stock references to the 'Emerald Isle', 'colleens', and the 'flaxen heritage woven into the basic fabric of American history.

It's stated that 'the Irish are a historically proud and self-sufficient people and as long as they have the skills to produce her linen - they are content. Shows Belfast as a port and ship-building center.

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Shotlist Shot of men using pitchforks to load hay onto a cart. Shot of corn being reaped by horse driven plough. Sequence on potato farming, showing women loading potatos into baskets. Sequence on flax farming: Shot of flax submerged in water. Sequence on turf cutting. Shot of milk churns. Shot of fishing port of Ardglass. Sequence on herring fishing, with shots of women loading herring into barrels for export. Sequence on various industries in Belfast, such as flax mills and shipbuilding. Shots of Belfast Lough.

Reference ' and One: Hoffman, Rev Frank E. When Ernie's brother and partner of seventy-five years dies, he continues to live as he has done for the past eighty years. The sports which are shown are hurling, Gaelic football, rugby, hunting, horse-racing, dog-running, cycling, running, a wheel-barrow race, golf, fishing, and yachting. President de Valera is seen at the Dublin Horse Show. In a section on the economy, Belfast shipbuilding and harvesting are shown.

People President Eamon de Valera. It shows some of the attractions of visiting Northern Ireland and includes an interview with Kathleen Neill, founder of the Irish Genealogical Association, which helps trace family roots. Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Bruce Milliard, col, 47 mins, Paul Clark, col, , Copy: Why did civil unrest develop in Northern Ireland? What was the nature of the civil rights movements of the 60s and 70s? What were the consequences of violence? What input had the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland governments? Note This programme is available through BUFVC on a CD-ROM containing a complete timeline history, video and audio clips, photographs, newspaper text, and other sources providing an overview of the history of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Estyn Evans, international scholar, geographer, historian, archeologist, folklorist, naturalist and artist, spent sixty-one years of his life in Ireland. He was instrumental in the founding of the Ulster Folk Museum and showing people where they came from. Shotlist Paisley fixing a clock in his study. Caricature statuette of Paisley. Voiceover's of Eileen Paisley and others over shots of D.

Paisley sits and past images flicker by his side. Paisley and wife in kitchen. Clifford Smith, Author and former D. Ed Moloney, Journalist and Author with footage of 50 year anniversary and interview: Eamonn Maillie, Journalist with Oxford debate footage. Paisley with his wife and others at a Free Presbyterian church and attending a service. Shots of 'The Paisley Jubilee Complex'. Six Mile Cross Evangelical Hall. Headlines of Crossgar Church controversy. Photographs of early career and with his wife Eileen, Interview: Wedding footage and family photographs.

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Photograph Maura Lyons and interview: Paisley on the controversy. Headlines on Lyons and interview: Footage of people going to service. Footage of congregations and headlines. Footage of Paisley at rally and demos against Terrence O'Neill. December Paisley throwing snow balls at Jack Lynch. January , Sean Lamass and O'Neill. September , police remove tri-colour from Liam McMillan's on Paisley's insistence and following riots. June , street protest and confrontation. October , Paisley's release from prison.

Footage of Paisley led activism. November , civil rights march with stand off with police. April , election of Paisley. Shots of Free Presbyterian Church pulpit. Free Presbyterian Church being built. Busts of Martyrs in church. Paisley speaks of reformation. Black and white footage of Paisley addressing camera.

Criticising other communities in North with comments. March , Paisley on mission to African country. Footage of Paisley speaking at Loyalist paramilitary funeral. Ulster Workers Council strike against power sharing in Stormont.

Moloney and strike footage. Smith, strike footage and interview: Freddir Ferguson, former loyalist prisoner. Jim Wilson, former loyalist internee. Footage of Loyalist paramilitaries. Headlines and articles on Third Force display by Paisley in February Paisley in Ulster Hall sets up the Ulster Resistance. August , Peter Robinson arrested in Monaghan for assaulting police officers. Deputy Leader, footage of arrest. Moloney, on Clifford Smith affair. Smith, footage of document and recreation. Rally footage with James Molyneaux and Paisley during various occasions during time of the attempted Anglo Irish agreement.

Footage of Molyneaux and Paisley. Footage of Paisley and Trimble walking hand in hand at an Orange march down the Garvaghy road and bickering on a television discussion programme. Moloney with footage of D. Press conference with Paisley. Cartoon caricatures and comedic impersonations. Paisley at bowling alley and interview: Westminster Elections, June Peter Robinson Gregory Campbell, D. Louis Edmonson, thanks to: Monica Shields, post production ed.: Frank Murphy, picture ed.: Signing at City Hall, Belfast.

Their Majesties State Procession". World's finest riders and machines in thrilling race for Ulster Grand Prix - and England won. Captain Campbell's car - the favourite - catches fire. Kaye Don wins exciting race by 13 seconds. He did one lap at Leinster take the lead in the first five minutes and that's the way it stays, with Leinster winning The Queen pours out a cup of tea for one of the soldiers.

It was the Princess's first journey by plane. In their two-day visit they visited Parliament, attended a garden party and aboard the yacht 'Heniesta' sailed to Londonderry passing on the way home some surrendered German U-boats. Shotlist Full titles read: Exclusive pictures taken at risk by Staff Cameraman. Note 23 Feb Recently members of the Honourable the Irish Society, including former Lord Mayors of London, received the freedom of the city of Londonderry.

Ulster is facing up to modern problems by the establishment of new industries to increase overall production. Includes a trip to Rathlin Island. Colour col Sound sound Duration 24 Format 16mm Production date Summary The help given by the government of Northern Ireland to British and foreign companies who wish to set up new factories in Ulster and the success of various companies who have done so. K D Gamble, sc: J G Devlin, distr: Kine Weekly, 10 June The folklore relating to Northern Ireland birds is woven into the film.

Distributor British Council Production credits p. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, p: Dennys Hawthorne, distr worldwide: English and French language versions. It includes scenic shots of the surrounding countryside. C E D Baynes, s: John Stone, GB distr: Fox-Rank Distributors; elsewhere 16mm: It also covers the UDA, marches and the politicians involved in the troubles. Shotlist A man shows a red headed girl how to make a bomb. It is inside a handbag, he sets the timer and closes the lid.

Close-up of the man's face. The girl asks questions as the man gets the bomb ready. Side profile of the girl. She is in silhouette as she walks in front of a warm sunset. She walks down a street and places the bomb in the back seat of a silver mini. She closes the door and walks away. She crosses the road and gets into the passenger seat of a red car. An army man sitting at a desk answers a telephone call and writes down information. He checks a map of the city and informs soldiers in the next office about a bomb warning.

Inside an armoured car. It speeds out of the army headquarters followed by a jeep. Shot from the back of the van as it turns a street corner. A soldier talks into a walkie-talkie. Two soldiers hold rifles at the back of the van. The van stops and the soldiers jump out. A car is blown up by the army. A series of buildings blow up.

A white car blows up. A building on fire. A fireman douses a vw beetle with water from a fire hose. A very large red bricked building is ablaze. Black smoke billows from a building on fire. Another building on fire. Teenage girls in brown uniforms exit a secondary school. They walk down a street carrying school bags. A number 13 red and white bus with 'Glen Road via Falls Road' on the front and 'Fresh a symbol of a tomato with an arrow through it with Guernsey Toms' is written on the side of the bus.

Shots of the red headed girl doing her homework. She reads a book in her sitting room. She gets up and plays a record on an old turntable. She talks to someone on the phone, places the receiver down and exits the room. She exits her house and walks through the Anderstown estate and meets up with five other members of her active service unit. They stand at the back of a car. A man opens the boot and they take out rifles. They patrol the estate.

They pass through back gardens, then a wooded area. They crouch down and listen to an instructor give advice on 'deep cover'. A first recruits class for the IRA. It is held inside a sitting room. A man wearing glasses sits in a chair and tells the young people, sitting on the floor, the conditions of membership for the IRA.

Industry Segment

Shots of the man and the recruits. Three rifles on a table. An IRA instructor, who has come out of retirement, holds up a rifle. A US Calvin rifle is passed around the room Close-up of the man's face. A religious picture of Jesus is on the wall. The rifle is given back to the instructor and replaced on the table. A Thompson sub-machine gun is passed around while the instructor talks.

The gun casts a shadow on the wall. The gun is placed back on the table. A Child of Prague statue sits on a long side table with a tea-pot, cups and food. Three men pass through and enter into a back room. They stand to attention, then sit down. Bomb making materials are on the table in front of them. The instructor picks up a stick of gelignite. He holds up a part of a primer. He makes a hole in the gelignite with a pen. He picks up a piece of cortex cable with an inner core of TNT and shows the recruits the TNT powder by tapping it out onto his hand.

He wraps the cortex around the gelignite and shows them how to attach the fuse to the cortex. The aftermath of an explosion. A house is destroyed and crowds clear the rubble away. Shots of members having a meeting. Faces of Sinn Fein members. Rouri sits down at a table.

A man listens to Rouri talking to the assembled crowd. Rouri arrives home to his house and enters through the front door. His wife prepares a meal in the kitchen. Rouri sits down at the dinner table. Two of his daughters are in the room. His wife brings over a cup of tea and sits down. Rouri chats to his wife while their baby sits in a high chair eating a biscuit.

Rouri, his wife and five of their children look at the TV in their living room. Close-up of his son's face. Close-up of his daughter's face. Rouri enters the church and blesses himself with holy water. Rouri genuflects and sits down dark footage. He talks to the camera. People yelling at soldiers at a barricade. They throw bits of wood and stones at the soldiers. The soldiers fire at the crowd and they disperse. People throw rocks at a passing patrol van and the soldiers fire on them, The soldiers carry a demonstrator away.

Shots of cases full of weapons. Rouri talks to the camera. Men in silhouette talk in a darkened room. A man, a member of the Army Council , talks to the camera. The Army Council man talking. Close-up of his hands. He talks about the structure of the IRA. An IRA instructor stands at a map with another man. Two men and the red headed girl sit at a table watching them. Close-up of the girl. One of the men points a pen at the map.

The three people at the table, behind them is a coat rack with berets and macs hanging from it. The instructor calls a man, Sean, up to the map. Sean points to an area on the map. An abandoned armoured van with the windscreen smashed. Shot of the Anderstown estate from inside the van. A camouflaged military lookout post at the corner of a street on the estate. An armoured personnel carrier van is parked in front of it. Soldiers at the lookout post. Sean points to areas on the map for the instructor. The red headed girl takes notes.

Sean and the instructor at the map. A hand holding a cigarette.

Robert M. Sherfield,Patricia G. Moody's Cornerstones for Career College Success PDF

Red circles drawn on the map. An instructor wearing a balaclava shows recruits how to use a rifle. Shots of guns being loaded. The instructor holds a rifle. Bullets and magazine clips. The instructor holding a rifle. Shots of recruits in the room. A recruit loads a gun. A recruit rests against a wall and another lies on the floor. Two recruits load guns.

Four people hand their weapons to a man who puts them in the boot of a car. Barbed wire at the end of a street. Wasteland outside an old church. An abandoned car and rubble can be seen behind barbed wire. A British lookout post at the end of a street. It is covered in camouflage netting. Sandbags and barbed wire are located at the base. A soldier inside the lookout post scans the estate through binoculars. A small boy and girl walk through rubble in a bombed out area.

A soldier looks out a window. A woman crosses a street as a patrol van drives by. A camouflaged lookout post can be seen. Soldiers inside the van. A Belfast main street viewed from the back of the van. A Belfast main street viewed from the front of the van. A soldier with his rifle at the ready as they turn a corner.

They drive down a street, view from the back of the van. Two teenager girls stare from a doorway. A small boy throws a rock at the van. A soldier aims his gun at the boy. A good-looking blond girl gives the soldiers the two fingers sign and shouts verbal abuse at them. The van stops on a street and a soldier runs to the corner of it. He gets his rifle ready. Painted below the lettering on the doors is ' IRA Official '. Children watch the soldier enter. Inside, a red van is loaded up with sacks. A soldier kicks some sacks that are stored up against a wall. One talks to three boys while the other walks back to the army van.

A soldier looks out the van window. A woman holding a baby and standing in a doorway watches the van pull off. She has a Tri-colour flag in her window. A woman and children watch the van drive away. A soldier's hand points to an area on a map. He is talking on a phone. They are searching for a bomber Sign ' Control Zone. A red fire truck drives down a street. Firemen talk to women at their front doors. A street blocked off, people gather at both ends. A soldier checks a car for a bomb. The soldier smashes the car window with the butt of his rifle.

Another soldier opens the passenger door. The soldiers search the car while a fireman looks on. An Austin Minor drives over a speed bump as it exits a housing estate. A British lookout post can be seen. Shot of the estate from inside an abandoned armoured van. Kids play on a street.

Two men talk at the top of a street.

The Plastic Waste Primer/a Handbook for Citizens ebook @ Leonardkzi的部落格 :: 痞客邦 ::

A woman looks out her window. An IRA man with a rifle runs along the side of a house. Two IRA men run to a wall beside the house where the woman is looking out her window. They and another IRA man fire at the British soldiers. The men run away. A red haired woman talks to an interviewer about the time she was shot in the head and back by British soldiers. A British soldier running. A rifle being cocked. Close-up of her head. A pair of Eyes. Her daughter hugs her. The woman and daughter smile. A street, a woman walks by with her shopping.

Two men pass by. A box and suitcase in a railway station. On a wall, a poster reads 'Warning To Passengers'. A group in a room. The red headed girl from the start of the film has her hand to her face. Statue of Our Lady on a chest of drawers. Two men and the girl listen to a man talking. A man carries explosives, inside white bags, into a house. A man ties the bags together on a table, he is making a bomb. He kneels on the floor cutting cortex cable with a Stanley knife. The bomb in a metal case. A timer is placed in on top of the explosives. Written on the box is 'The Head.

An IRA group look at a large map on a floor, they point to an area on the map. Two children, one holding a baby, play in a street. Two men carry out the bomb while another walks to a car. They put the bomb down at the back of the car. The red headed girl looks into her rear-view mirror. She puts the car into gear. The car drives through the streets, it turns right at a corner. The car with the bomb. The girl's eyes in her rear-view mirror. The cars arrive at a car park. Two women, one with a pram, chat outside two red phone boxes.

The girl makes a call and says that they have put a bomb in Queen's University Sports Club. British soldiers in a van driving through the streets. Men sitting at phones, one relays the bomb threat to the soldiers. Hands on a steering wheel. A rear view mirror on the bonnet of a van. The bomb goes off. A woman runs to a small child. A fire chief's car and two fire engines speed down a road. Two women, one is dazed, in a field outside the sports club. An ambulance arrives at the blown up sports club. A radio is tuned into the news. Three IRA men sit on a bed and listen to the news.

Another two sit in chairs. The radio is switched off. The men discuss the explosion. A red haired man explains how they planted the bomb. A poster on the wall possibly 'Shaft' Poster of Che Guverra. The member of the Army Council sits in a chair and talks about how they are careful when planting bombs. A bomb goes off. A skinny man with glasses talks to the camera. William Craig sits on a sofa and gives an interview. A man climbs up a statue and waves a Red Hand of Ulster flag. Ian Paisley in a crowd. Through Rome To Purgatory' are seen.

Ian Paisley gives a speech, a Union Jack flag covers his head. Paisley gives an interview. William Craig on the sofa talking. A sign 'Ulster Vanguard'. Crowds gather below it. Men in black suits and bowler hats marching. Men wearing red uniforms hold Canadian, Welsh and Union Jack flags.

A man holds a flag in front of a large crowd. A man gives a speech. A placard reads 'Rome Says Have 15 Kids. Ulster Will Be Free'. A march through the streets. A man throwing a baton leads the Vanguard parade. Crowds with Red Hand Of Ulster flags. Picture of William of Orange. William Craig walks through the crowd. An old man, a Deputy Leader, talks about the Vanguard. Shots of the parade. Bands play and people carry flags. Seven badges on a black denim jacket.

A young girl carries a flag. A woman carries a placard 'Whitelaw Worse Than Callahan'. Men with UDF arm bands. People marching in khaki jackets. A housing estate, a Loyalist ghetto, in East Belfast.