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Could be extended into a full novel in my opinion. Very nicely done, view spoiler [ I especially liked that this version didn't need to use the old near death at the end. A lovely romance story with a couple of cute kids thrown in.

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Just wish we had a little more revenge on the bad guys. We get the conclusion to prince Ike's adventure. Sweet and non explicit. Nov 04, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: I have mixed issues with this book. One I really did enjoy the majority of the stories in it. My issue with the book are more technical. Now I'm not one to point figures at people for typos and such; however, I have some issues.

Such as things like spaces left out and letters transposed. These are things that should be caught by spell check or simple review. If the author is interested I can point out the ones I noticed. It's a shame these stories con I have mixed issues with this book. It's a shame these stories contain such pointless mistakes. Fanfiction is written with spaces between every paragraph. It felt like the author tried to increase the length of the book to make it seem longer by adding a space inbetween every paragraph.

So while this book says there are four hundred and ninety something pages. You can probably about cut that in half. The stories are sweet but unfortunately by the end of the book a lot of the characters start to feel similar. Especially the female characters. Please try and variation on a female character who is not bouncy, bubble and always happy.

I love the inclusion of major female characters, I just wish there was more to them. The stories are all very sweet, and there are some very nice twists on the traditional fairy tales and some new elements that I enjoyed. If you are looking for a book that contains sex in any substantive way don't bother with this one. There is one sex 'dream', maybe two and no major sex plots. But lots of kissing. The main theme of the book feel rather like 'true loves kiss', than simply fairy tales.

That being the reason that I marked the book more as young adult than anything else. One of the things that I really liked about this collection of fairy tales was that they were inter connected. Sometimes characters from previous stories would appear in the later stories. Or the previous stories made up the history for the later stories. Finding those little tie in's was a lot of fun. Out of the stories found between these pages there were a couple that stood out more than the others. Of course the only healer he finds who will help him isn't at all what he expects.

Trying to take care of a 'farm'? My biggest problem with this story is the setting could have been stronger. There is an allusion to the main character trapping and trading his furs but other then that he does chores around the house and chases after his brothers. Slowly he makes friends with the Troll that lives on a near by bridge and eventually breaks the curse that was placed upon the troll--who isn't really a troll. However, of them all my favorite was the last story in the book, 'The Curse'. Centered around a King, whose lover was turned to stone three years previously.

Of the course of the story the king falls in love with the young magician who has come to try his luck at breaking the curse. In the end of the story it is this act of betrayal which allows the curse to be lifted. This was a fairly tight story with most of the details working in, though there were still some elements that could have been tied in better.

I won't go into detail as to what they were but over all this was a nice story. I am rather disinclined to read the other two volumes. While the stories were good. They were not as tight as they could have been. In a short story especially you don't need extraneous details. By the end things felt rather similar and it was easy to see what was going to happen, if the other two volumes are the same Likewise, I would hope that Megan Derr as edited the previous volumes better.


Grammar might not be my strong point but there are some things that are not hard to catch or to fix. Most editors put little squiggle red lines under them. Cheers, I hope you all have a good weekend. Apr 10, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Main Gauche 4 stars: A cinderella vibe with a twist of a tournament rather than a ball. Also available as part of The Rapier Brothers , which also includes Dagger's two step-bothers. The Rose and the Fox 4. The Tower 4 stars: An ex-thief becomes Rapunzel's accomplice in her escape from the tower. A healer helps a goblin atempt to heal his human half-brother.

Perfect Main Gauche 4 stars: A princess's tutor deals with an arrogant prince a reference to the Princess and the Pea. The Ogre and the Black Mountains 5 stars: A shy prince tries to gain the attention of the soldier he is infatuated with. The Librarian's Tale 3. Librarian and guard go searching for a runaway prince view spoiler [Briar and Reynard from "The Rose and the Fox" appear as ghosts hide spoiler ] Rumors 3 stars: A banished prince attends a winter festival view spoiler [What the King did to his daughter left a sour taste in my mouth, otherwise it would have been a much better story hide spoiler ] Damsel in Distress 5 stars: An ex-soldier turned mercenary rescues a man lost in the forest on his hunt for bandits Caroline's Bridegroom 2.

More Precious than Gold 4. A sequel to the traditional Rumplestiltskin story. Where the child is grown up and meets Rumplestiltskin. A mix of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. Also available for free on Megan's website under short stories. The Troll 5 stars: A young man raises his two three-year-old brothers and becomes friends with the nearby troll. The Toad Prince 5 stars: Princess and the Frog with a few twists. Prince Ike and the Witch 4.

The prince returns to the Black Forest to defeat the witch The Curse 4. True love's kiss to break a curse with an unexpected twist. Feb 03, T. Kove rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Ogre of the Black Mountain: The Rose and the Fox: Prequel to both Prince Ike and Librarian.

Promised Land: LGBTQ Children's Book Read Aloud [FULL]

Prince Ike and the Witch: More Precious Than Gold: Br The Toad Prince: This is a prequel to Damsel in Distress, which I did not realize. So perhaps read this one first? Wonderful little short where a bounty hunter saves a girl from gremlins. Main Gauche is also a part of the fairytales, but it's also one of three stories in The Rapier Brothers, which is where I read it.

Nov 17, Mandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Simply loved this book. I bookmarked so many stories so I can go back and reread them again and again. I can't recommend this book highly enough! Jan 23, Joyce rated it it was amazing. The Curse was a hot little number to finish this book. I truly enjoyed this entire book. I like Thorley and Geoffrey. Guess that's why this story is called Perfect. I love these sweet short tales.

This one is a rearranging of The Princess and the Pea. I didn't like Jeremiah as much as Ashley. I didn't see that ending. I should have, but It's a cute little tale. I think Von will be very happy with Kit. Grigori and Vasili are fun. I love fairytale endings. It is a set up for a different tale. That's how a fairytale ends.

Family sure know how to hurt you. I love that the Beast is a gargoyle. Wes is beyond sweet and Alton really is a dream come true. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite. Apr 19, Julesmarie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I adored this collection of fairy tales! They're all just so beautiful and sweet and hopeful and I know some other reviewers said that they get repetitive, so perhaps my experience was skewed because I was anticipating that, but I found the stories to be wonderfully varied and unique.

Yes, they all have the same sweet predictability of the HEA, but that's one of the things I loved about them: I thought the length of each piece was great, also. Just perfect to sneak in-between longer stories that might be angsty or disturbing or depressing or to lighten the spirit before bed. And I loved that some of the stories overlapped enough to give us HEA's for side characters from previous stories. So much fun to get to go back and revisit the older stories like that.

Nov 27, Lillian Francis rated it really liked it. A collection of fairytales that have been given a slant of gay romance. It took a while for me to realise that these stories were all written in the same 'world', although set at different points in a timeline. Once I realised that it only increased my enjoyment. I'd have loved a map and a timeline maybe even a family tree to show how all the stories fit together.

I'm also glad I chose to read this straight through, normally with anthologies I dip in and out over a couple of weeks. Sweet with no A collection of fairytales that have been given a slant of gay romance. Sweet with no sex, some were obvious in the tale they chose to tell, others not so much. Some were entirely too short, more tempting treatments of what should have been a much longer story, and in these I often found it was the romance portion of the story that was lacking.

A throughly enjoyable collection. Jun 05, Yumenouveau rated it did not like it. I really have no idea why this book has such high ratings. Each story is almost the exact same, so after 2 it's just boring and monotonous. There was honestly only one good story in the whole bunch because it didn't follow the typical plot that is in each other one.

Not buying the sequels. Oh and the typos Cute enough I suppose. Though the plots and characters were all suspiciously similar after a while. Anyway if, like me, you enjoy fairy tales with little substance you'll probably have fun with this. Feb 01, Plainbrownwrapper rated it really liked it Shelves: These are cute shorts. I get more and more impressed with Derr's imagination, the more I read of hers.

Apr 18, Marisella rated it really liked it Shelves: Jun 10, Natalie rated it really liked it. A collection of short stories but not that short. First story was about 50 pages.

Dagger is a peasant who enters a tournament under an alias. Epee was an unexpected but pleasant addition. Was a little gutted it ended where it did.

Fairytales Slashed Volume 7 by Samantha M. Derr

The rapunzel one was good. Ceasar an ex thief finds his way into the tower and befriends Zel, joining her in a scheme that will cause him pain and trouble. I like A collection of short stories but not that short. Geoff and Thorley are the next story, a healer and a Goblin. These two feel a bit awkward and the ending was quite abrupt. I felt sorry for Zayn in the ogre story, he was so sweet and determined. I liked the jester, even if the story itself is dark and twisted.

I liked Kit, he was easy going and intelligent. Giles and Kenzie were sweet, a human and a troll. The twins were troublesome. I liked the prince toad story, Wes was sweet and Alton was a badass. I felt sorry for the princess. I like how some of the stories connect. Prince Ike is back heading for the forest his guardians saved him from, joined by heartbroken Marshall who left Caroline behind.

Finally an explanation how Briar and Reynard got trapped in the forrest. The final story was as sweet as it was heartbreaking. Aug 14, Kimber rated it it was amazing. I just finished this and I've still got that starry eyed, warmly smiling sort of fuzzy feeling that a good, romantic tale with a happy ending leaves once you've reached the conclusion. On the one hand, it was very well written and had an interesting mythology that appeared to pull from Russian folklore combined with a little bit of The Little Mermaid's themes.

I dunno, it seemed a little bit sketchy and I couldn't believe that Prince Vladimir didn't take him to task for it. The Devil made his reappearance again for a story of his own with 'In the Land of the Damned', which I absolutely loved thematically, but also the story was really beautiful. Years ago, a child name Aldo came down into the Devil's land and asked him for three of his hairs. Now he comes back to save his father in law and finds that the Devil is in a bad state due to being separated from those parts of himself.

The story is interspersed with Aldo's dreams of himself with the Devil and has quite the sizzling scene of them together once they are reunited. Of the lesbian stories in the collection, those included: It's a post Cinderella inspired romance wherein Lotte falls in love with her lady's maid when Prince Phillip is neglectful shortly after their fairy tale wedding.

B is just some person who's inherited a house in a suburb that doesn't want her, and Belle just wants to escape from her father and sisters and uses B as a foil to do that. But the interplay between the two of them is just gorgeous. B is grumpy and Belle is sassy and the two of them are just so much fun, especially when it comes to getting either of them to admit that they don't want to separate. Finally, 'Dance Away' seemed like an interesting fusion between Sleeping Beauty and The 12 Dancing Princesses, but in a completely new and unique kingdom straight out of K. The romance in this one actually took second place to the actual plot, which there was a lot of.

Surprisingly, I absolutely ended up loving Kimberline, despite her being asleep for most of the story. Mar 25, Lindsay rated it it was amazing. I'm a big fan of fairytales and this was a great book with a different take on favourites. I hadn't read a few of them before but i loved them anyway. Each story was lovely and so easy to understand from start to finish. I've read a few of the authors previously but I was happy to learn of more. Aug 13, Chloe Romancing the Books rated it it was amazing.

I enjoyed all the offerings in this volume; each was well-written and well-thought out, with no grammatical errors or typos that I can see. The w Very enjoyable! The worldbuilding was amazing, leading me to think this is a story in one of the author's series, and if that's so, I'm certainly going to check it out. The plot was interesting and the revelations at the end caught me by surprise, though maybe it shouldn't have. The story also didn't follow a strict retelling so it's like reading a new story.

Though I'm unclear why the murders even have to happen. The Mercenary's Wedding by Keelan Ellis was specially heartwarming for me, as it tells the tale of this girl and her quest to find someone to love her as she is. This reminds me of a celebrity news I read recently, of how Tom Hanks told Rita Wilson that she didn't need to change anything about herself in order to be with him. And really, isn't that what we all want, for someone to love us as we are, warts and all? So, this short story really resonated with me. Overall, I would recommend this to romance lovers, especially those who love fairy tale retellings.

Reviewed at Reading Alley Fairytales Slashed Volume 7 is another delightful collection of varied LGBT tales, all offering spins on a fairytale theme. As always, while I enjoyed all the stories, some stood out for me, and those are: This anthology includes one of my own stories; however, my review pertains only to the others in the collection. Nov 09, D.

Kerr rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 02, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: A collection of 8 gender slashed fairy tales. Most of these were pretty cute. Some stories are very sexually explicit, you have been warned. It felt very bland. Then she spends their days complaining about shopping and having to socialize with the queen and other ladies in the court until Meg confronts her about how insensitive it is when she spends her days working hard in the castle. Yet Lotte falls in love with her because Philip chooses to spend a few nights alone and Meg reminds her of her humble beginnings.

She did also send Meg away without taking about what was best for her… So it was cute overall, but a drag to read through. Bearskin -Andrea Speed This story fit perfectly into my notion of a fairy tale. I really enjoyed reading the cute moments between Arron and Joran. Arron is a misfit who falls in love with another misfit for his personality and teaches some spoiled brats a lesson about superficiality and vanity.

Super cute and a refreshingly new tale. It was a new and interesting take, but kind of difficult to get into. The world building was somewhat confusing and there were almost no explanations given for minor details. I also was not a fan of the characters themselves.

Fairytales Slashed 2

TBH I skipped this one after a page and had to come back and read it later, so I was not impressed. I wish it were more like the original Little Mermaid tale, even if she had to give up her love and being a mermaid. It features the only openly trans character in the anthology. The queen was pregnant with her seventh son when she desperately wanted a daughter. After visiting a mysterious old woman in the woods, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.. Every year, on her birthday, one of her brothers falls ill so the king and queen try to marry her off. Unassuming Algar, common born and an ex-soldier, decides to court her, but also falls for the sly Puck that visits him in the evenings and at night.

I liked the concept but wish there had been more romance between the women. We got familiar companionship at best.

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I can easily see it as a full-length fantasy YA novel. I just wanted to spend more time in this world and get to know everyone in it. It was a little bit too much sexually explicit without character development to go with it and a hint at taking advantage of someone? Biljana rated it liked it Oct 03, Sam Mucci rated it it was amazing Dec 22, Rich rated it really liked it Jun 10, Alice Montrose rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Apr 20, Ottilee B.

Apr 13, Something felt missing from this anthology. I think it was the barest bones of a tale spun into something else that I didn't thrill to. Each story was well-written but too far from the original. Some were not known to me-- or maybe they were just a bit too off-centered to recognize. They were no longer 'stuck' in the roles assigned to them from bygone eras. It seems the stories we tell each other have finally grown up. I was given a copy to read via Reading Alley in exchange of an honest review.

Mar 25, blub rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Interesting takes on favorite classics. This is the 7th anthology in the FairyTale Slashed anthology series and is the least favorite of the set. This novella rates as seriously Weak Sauce and serious disservice to what I expect Interesting takes on favorite classics. This novella rates as seriously Weak Sauce and serious disservice to what I expect from a fairytale slashed novella. Cinderella Lotte was not likable in this novella. Bearskin — Andrea Speed Great story by a great writer.

Generosity of soul, honor, and all that wonderful stuff you expect when reading from a fairytale [slashed]. The story reunion between the detective and his former lover was well developed and captivating. The mystery of the white phosphorus apples and now seven dead maidens were a great twist on Snow White. Most fairytale slashed stories twist the plot so the main characters are still in line, but this one twisted the Snow White storyline as a mystery around our two main characters — kudos!

It was a nice twist on the Little Mermaid on the lake. A wonderful plot, twist, and near save for a very happy ever after for our prices. The queen wanted a daughter and on her 7th pregnancy she realized she was expecting a boy and was determined that this 7th one must be a girl and so had it changed to a girl… Princess Adeline grew up wanting to be a tomboy and be like her brothers and father in all ways despite her mother constantly trying to force her to act the female.

This princess was magically afflicted in that every time she cut her hair, it grew back the very next day. On the day she turned thirteen, and every year thereafter, her elder brothers one by one fell ill — mentally or physically. And the plotline develops interestingly into Adeline magically reverted to the form of a beautiful young man and eventually all 5 afflicted brothers being healed on her 18th birthday which was also her wedding day.

I thought this was a nice twist on Beauty and the Beast. Story 8 — In the Land of the Damned — Camillia Quinn This has to be one of the best fairytale slashed novellas I have never had the pleasure of reading. Aldo fulfills the prophecy foretold for those of his birthing circumstances; however, he has never been able to get the Devil out of his head after his journey to Hell and wonders about prophecies and how they influence actual people. Aldo, never having really wanted the life he found himself in after passively fulfilling the foretold prophecy, decides to take action for himself.